Digital Portraits Photography was my hardest assignment.

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I wanted another site that would give me more information on how to make stunning portraits. I found one called How to Take Portraits – 19 Portrait Photography Tutorials from “Digital Photography School”. Although they ask you to take there class, they give you enough tips to start helping.
I hope this helps.
Here is one photograph from one of their students.original[1]



I am fascinated with Dora Maar as a photographer.

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Dora Maar was born Henriette Théodora Markovitch in Paris, France, on November 22, 1907. Her father was a successful architect, and his job forced Maar and the rest of her family to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina, when Maar was 3 years old. In school, she spoke both Spanish and French fluently, learning to read English texts as well.

In 1926, when she was 19, Maar and her family moved back to Paris, where she enrolled in photography school and then at the Académie Julian. She worked on both painting and photography, but she garnered more attention for the latter. Thusly, by the mid-1930s, she was focusing her energies on photography. (She also shortened her name to Dora Maar during this period).

Maar would experience one of the defining moments of her life in late 1935, when, on the set of the Jean Renoir film Le Crime de Monsieur Lange, she met artist Pablo Picasso.

The first meeting didn’t quite hint at what was to come, but the second, in 1936 at Les Deux Magots, a St.-Germain-des-Prés cafe, led to a lasting romantic affair. Soon after this meeting, Maar moved to an apartment around the corner from Picasso’s studio (though she wasn’t allowed to enter it without an invitation). Between 1936 and 1937, Picasso and Maar collaborated on certain artistic endeavors, and he regularly painted portraits of her, including “Weeping Woman” (1937) and “Dora Maar Seated” (1937). Maar herself became part of the Surrealist movement of the time, which Picasso had spearheaded, and had her first photography exhibition at the Galerie de Beaune in Paris in 1937.

She had bouts with depression, despair, and self criticism. She died in 1997.
(Copied from Artist and Poet Biography)

Our Field Trip To Cleveland Museum of Art 11/19/14

Field Trip CMA 11/19/14

We all had a good time at the Surrealism and Modernist Photography exhibit dating from the 1920’s and 1930’s. We saw photographs from noted photographers like Dora Marr, Man Ray, and Roger Parry just to name a few. I always like going to the Museum to look at especially the Atrium. It is well designed and beautiful to look at. Here are some pictures from the Lobby, the Art Store and the Atrium.

_DSC9171 _DSC9173 _DSC9179

Here are my choices for environmental portraits.


_DSC9123I was with Sr. Carol Kandiko for her environmental Portraits. It was to cold outside to go for an outside environment shot, so we did it inside. We used her library for the environmental shots. I also requisitioned a Nikon Speed Light to help in getting the right portrait shots. To requisition a speed light or any other device there is a simple procedure to do it. First you send an email to VC& . The email must contain the following information, your Student Id no., your name, your professor and class, What project you are doing, where you will shoot with the device. where you will store the device. You can order a lot but it has to be requisitioned no sooner then 24 hours ahead of time. The device must be returned 48 hours after pickup, even if that falls on a Sunday.

I just published an ad on to sell a friends car.

Selling a Car

It was an experience to find out how to sell a car.  All the legal documents that are necessary is one key part of selling the car and helps in telling you what these documents are.  I also took some pictures of the car in order to present a better look of what the car has to offer.  It is an old car with low mileage, a 2000 Buick LeSabre Limited Edition, with 73524 miles on the car. I just placed the ad the other day and it has 3 people that looked at it but went no further. Here are some of the pictures.

Art Wolfe is not only a landscape photographer but a cultural people photographer 11/3/14.

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Here are photographs of children from all over the world.  Art Wolfe travels all over the world for his show on PBS called “Travels to the Edge”.  That is why I consider him my influential photographer.  Something I would like to do. Roman

Tsaatan children riding reindeer in Mongolia.

Tsaatan children riding reindeer in Mongolia.

Boy making marigold cross in Michoacan, Mexico.

Boy making marigold cross in Michoacan, Mexico.